Upcoming Novels, and my thoughts .

Who, Am I, a supernatural thriller, is at the 50% point and coming along well. It is #8 in my writing career.

#9 is titled, The Disappearance, it is book 3 in The Clock series. I am at the 25% point with this one. I have put this one aside for the time being.

I am not sure whether I will finish The Disappearance before I start #2 in The Benny Samuels series or not. I really liked writing the first two in the clock series but am always driven to new exciting projects. Only time will tell.

Sales for published authors, no matter how well we write, are slow. Research shows that with the popularity of personal computers in the last 20 years, self-publishing has run rampant. Anyone wishing to write a novel can self-publish. I am not saying that all self-published novels are sub-standard, but too many are. With no controls, the market is flooded with books, good and bad, and with the decline of readership numbers, sales for published writers have fallen dramatically.

At least with a publisher, novels are edited and proofed before release. Content and style are controlled by people who know the business. Where this will all lead is anyone’s guess. Poor sales will eventually reduce the number of self-published novels from hitting the market, but when this will happen is the question.