MISSING--- from the memoirs of Benny Samuels, Private Eye



A new series.  Book one is completed and has been accepted for publication by the editor at Black Opal Books.

The time is 1953.  A beautiful blonde has come into the office of, Benny Samuels Private Eye. She has just handed Benny an intriguing case. Her sister, after having gone to a party at a producer’s home, has disappeared. There is only one name she can give him, Drake Evans, the movie star.

Being Jewish doesn’t help him. Everyone he questions is uncooperative and seems to be lying. The truth continually evades him, no matter how hard he looks. A note tied to a rock coming through the window of his office, warns him to stop looking, or else.

Where this case will go is anyone’s guess. Is he even the right man for the job? Only time will tell, that is if he survives. A surprise ending will surely entertain you.