About the Author

If you like rejection, become an author. That’s the way it felt for the first year at least. Then it happened, “The Contract”.

I started writing when I retired and shortly after moved to Vancouver Island, My wife Kathleen and I live five minutes from the ocean, wow.                                                                                                                                               I’m married to a wonderful woman who has given me two children, Matthew and Elizabeth. I also have two stepchildren Eva and Gordon.  I have three grandchildren and several step-grandchildren. Kathleen has been the love of my life.

Is there life after retirement? Yes, there is, I found that you can embark on a new career at any point in your life, having done it several times with great results.

My career in the steel fabrication industry has allowed me to build many of the items used in the novel to test their usability. This was of course done in private and no actual people were injured, much. What I could not build or test, was researched through people that I worked with, such as motorcyclists, engineers, and maintenance workers.

I have worked as a Tool and Die Maker, machinist, quality control inspector and a safety representative in the fabrication industry, at the request of Workman’s Compensation at Crown West Steel Fabricators.

Earlier in my life, I held jobs in construction and electrical fields. I’ve operated overhead cranes up to seventy-five ton,  in a cab seventy feet in the air.  I’ve also had several other jobs, thereby giving me experience in a  variety of occupations. The reason I’ve had so many different jobs is that I’m a little hyperactive. I get bored easily and need to be doing things that interest me.

Retiring from the workforce in July 2013, I immediately started writing “Waiting in the Shadows” after years of preparation. It has been quite a journey.

One thing took me a long time to figure out (my mid-fifties) but has made a huge difference in my life. “If a problem is not going to make any real difference in my life a year from now, I refuse to let it cause me too much worry today.”  — In God we trust.

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