The Clock. a series

The Clock               Leonardus G. Rougoor

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The Clock by Leonardus G Rougoor

A young adult adventure mystery series, set in the Nantucket Sound on Chappaquiddick Island. Finding a secret room in their vacation rental cottage, two teenagers (18 and 17) on a summer-long holiday with their parents, have the adventure of a lifetime.

It all starts with the ghostly figure of a girl running down the beach at three in the morning, the ghost of a girl murdered in 1907. A way to travel back in time is found in the secret room, starting a summer-long mission to attempt saving her.                                                                             Nothing goes as it should with the brother and sister team facing many dangers, disappointments, and harrowing experiences as the story becomes more and more suspenseful. Everything that can go wrong, does.                                                                                                                                      To solve the dilemma, they will have to use extreme measures that test them to the limits of their endurance. With the vacation coming to an end, it means losing access to the clock and no more traveling into the past.  Their chance to make a difference will be gone, so one final attempt is made; will they fail yet again or finally succeed?

Book two, “Treasure Lost and Murder.”  It has all the suspense and excitement of book one. The siblings get themselves into more predicaments as they try to right the wrongs of the past.   This time they have to deal with a very dangerous man, who will do anything necessary to thwart their plans to bring him to justice. Again great ingenuity is needed to solve the many obstacles in their path. The pair tries to solve two riddles, that take them on a complicated scavenger hunt across two islands. Plus a new mystery is placed in the sibling’s path. To be released April 2018.

Book three,  “The Disappearance” has been started and is thirty percent written.                              Several mysteries are placed in the time travelers paths. Each with its own dangers and challenges.  The plot has been partially worked out and is already proving to be as exciting as the first two novels.  Updates to come.